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What is Instructional Designing?

Instructional designing can be defined as a systematic process of applying scientific principles to the planning, design, creation, implementation and evaluation of an effective and efficient instruction material/strategy.
In a layman’s language ‘Instructional Design is the plan of action with a purpose’
For more information on Instructional Designing, see our case study.


In organizations large enough to have their own human resource departments or training programs, IDers are generally a part of a design and development team, working with graphic artists, programmers, and subject-matter experts. In the corporate sector, you are likely to work as a training designer for the: Military, Healthcare organizations, various departements in the government sector, Banking Industry, Any business or organization that requires systematic and frequent training.

Public Education

  • Become a technology facilitator capable of designing learning environments that make intelligent use of technology in your classroom.
  • Design professional development training for other teachers in your school, or at the district, state, or national levels.
  • Work as curriculum designers at all levels of the education system, focusing on the design of large-scale curricula.
  • Develop online courses and other class/training materials for colleges and universities.

Instructional Designing (ID) is for all those aspirants who wish to become Instructional designing resources either in the private sector, the public sector or in the higher education field. Our curriculum is restructured and updated regularly to address and meet various industry requirements be it in banking, manufacturing, pharmacy, IT, or education.

Who Will Benefit

  • Trainers/ facilitators involved with groups and individuals
  • Instructional designers, Content Writers and Technical Writers
  • Facilitators looking up to enhance and refresh their skills
  • People interested in training
  • Learning development specialists
  • Instructors of groups and individuals
  • Training Managers

What is the Job Market?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the demand for Instructional design technologists will increase nationwide by 83,000 jobs by 2016. However, these numbers are only a fraction of the actual job market for IDT. It is estimated that there are 10,000 to 20,000 jobs every year in this field. In past years, ID aspirants have had 100% job placement rate, with every student finding a job within less than three months with high starting salaries.
This course enables you…

  • Deliver excellent training programmes and make powerful presentations
  • Evaluate training programmes
  • Identify training needs
  • Create storyboards and scripts
  • Identify a performance problem
  • Maximize different learning styles
  • Develop and implement appropriate assessment methods
  • Assess learning outcomes
  • Use e-learning tools to speed up the process

Course Content

Course Description

This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of Instructional design, including the principles of learning theory, and Instructional strategies that are relevant to Instructional design. This course will introduce you to the systems approach to Instructional design which includes introductory information and application of skills and techniques necessary in the analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of instruction (often referred to as the ADDIE model). Professionals will learn the purpose and approach to completing each phase of the Instructional design process and will produce a set of outputs from each of these phases.

Module I- All about ID

At TechTotal the learner is given an opportunity to put into practice the theory learnt not only by completing the given assignments but also by working on existing content (Samples from the work) to showcase an increased efficiency at the workplace. The efforts of the learner will be supported by our trainers throughout the course during and also after the tenure at TechTotal.

Instructional Designing and E-learning Brochure

What our students say

The practical and theoretical knowledge I have gained from “TECHTOTAL” has helped me to enhance my ability & to excel in my current scope of work.
– Tapan Borah

“It gives me immense happiness to inform you that I have been selected for a major e-learning company as instructional designer.” – Maitreya Reddy

“TechTotal is well equipped with experienced trainers, lab-section, and mainly the syllabus. I am really thankful for extending their help in placing me in an e-learning company “
– Vinay

IDTT01 Instructional Designing

  • Introductions
  • What is Instructional Design
  • Why Instructional Design
  • Typographical Elements

IDTT02 Instructional System Designing – ISD

  • ADDIE model
  • Rapid Prototype Model
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy

IDTT01 Instructional Theories

  • Behaviorism, Constructivism, Cognitivism

IDTT02 E-learning

  • E-learning Technology
  • Levels of e-learning
  • LMS
  • LCMS

IDTT03 ID Standards

  • AICC

IDTT04 ID Contents Framing

  • Organize
  • Storyboarding
  • Incorporate Text and images
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Animations
  • Quiz or Test

IDTT05 Designing, Development and Sequencing of learning objects
IDTT 06 Instructional Delivery Methods
IDTT07 Technical Writing Concepts
IDTT 08 ID Types &Modes

  • CBT
  • WBT
  • Streaming
  • Prototyping
  • Simulation
  • Demonstration
  • Video Tutorials
  • Tests and quizzes

IDTT010 Ms PowerPoint

  • Getting Started
  • Creating new presentations
  • Saving presentations
  • Formatting Slides
  • Drawing objects
  • Working With Graphics
  • Modifying Presentations
  • Proofing And Delivering Presentations
  • Set-up presentations

IDTT011 Adobe Captivate

  • Related file formats and extensions
  • Slides Adding/Editing Text Captions
  • Adding Boxes, Buttons, images
  • Editing Mouse Button
  • Creating question slides or Quiz
  • Changing Timelines
  • Recording/ Inserting the Audio
  • Importing PowerPoint
  • Publishing the output and Creating Menu Builder

IDTT012 TechSmith Camtasia

  • Recording the Screen
  • Batch Production Wizard
  • Flash Hot Spots
  • Adding Audio While Recording
  • Picture-in-Picture Editing
  • Recording a Web Seminar
  • Working with Storyboard
  • Creating an Interactive Flash Movie
IDTT013 Ms Visio

  • Introduction to MS- Visio
  • Using various technology images
  • Creating DFD’s and Architectural Diagrams
  • Synchronization of images
  • Creating different file formats
  • Special Merits & Installation sequence
  • Types & Behavior of shapes
  • Templates stencil & Connection shapes
  • Group/ Ungroup
  • Data Linking & Data Graphics
  • Auto Linking & Hyper Linking
  • Importing into Word

IDTT014 Photoshop

  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • Cropping images and editing
  • Explore the Photoshop Environment
  • Basic Photo Corrections
  • Working with Selections
  • Editing images using Photoshop
  • Retouching and Repairing
  • Creating layers, Mask and Channels
  • Correcting and Enhancing
  • Slice and Link an Image
  • Creating Rollovers and Animate GIF Images
  • Painting and Editing
  • Basic Pen Tool Techniques



    • Getting oriented with the Storyline interface
    • Using the Storyline timeline
    • Customizing your project’s player interface
    • Using characters and Content library
    • Editing 360° image
    • Using Triggers to trigger an action or event with conditions
    • Buttons, sliders and markers
    • Creating a screen recording ( Show me, try me and test me)
    • Variables ( True/False, Numbered, Text Entry)
    • Publishing your project for LMS ( SCORM, TINCAN API)


    Articulate Engage 360

    • Creating all interactions
    • Adding content
    • Interaction properties
    • Publishing

    Articulate Presenter 360

    • Transform PowerPoint into powerful HTML5
    • Record and sync narration
    • Adding annotations
    • Adding Quizmaker quizzes & Engage interactions
    • Player settings
    • Presentation options
    • Publishing

    Articulate Quiz Maker 360

    • Guided questions, Freeform questions and Survey question
    • Working with Form View and Slide View
    • Setting quiz properties and player settings
    • Providing feedback and randomizing questions
    • Publishing quizzes and surveys


    • Getting started
    • Blank courses
    • Working on existing templates and lessons
    • Working on all the blocks: text, graphic, interactive, scenario, quizzes, etc.
    • Themes
    • Exporting


    All assignments will be based on the concepts and tools learnt to meet the learner’s requirements
    E Learning Tips
    Our experienced team of trainers will guide and equip the learners with quick tips and efficient and advanced usage of the tools to enhance their performance.
    Test On successful completion of the course (which is inclusive of the assignments) a certificate will be issued certifying the candidate as Instructional Designer.

    Modes of Training
    The Courses offered are in more than one of the following formats. Please visit the TechTotal Web site for a complete list of options.
    Interactive Broadcast Course
    A real time environment is created using video conferencing It Permits the students to liaise with the trainer and other fellow students.
    Online Courses
    The curriculum is similar to the regular class room sessions. User friendly tools are used throughout the course for training.
    Classroom Sessions
    Check with Tech Total the slots available which suit your convenience.

    Online Course

    • We have been providing online training through our dedicated LMS (Learning Management System), through which course can be trained within a period of 15 Sessions (2hrs per session). 
    • Instructions will be provided through the whiteboard and the voice/text chat, provided through our online software, and we can also remotely support and instruct you using remote sharing software.
    • Live Video Tutorials and study materials are published in your LMS account where they give you an offline support and provide more interaction to the softwares.

    Training Methodology

    TechTotal provides a unique and robust platform for training in Instructional Designing. Highly qualified instructors and eminent faculty, with hands-on experience in Instructional Designing, would guide and help blossom the new entrant into an industry-ready, professional Instructional Designer. The training is conducted in person, which makes it highly focused and penetrative. The participant is amply facilitated to clear any doubts or queries.
    You are provided a stock of useful study materials, which are objective and crisp. These study materials specifically addresses all your certification requirements.

    Upon successful course completion you can work with various organizations as

    • An instructional writer – Writes content
    • An instructional designer – Designs the framework and content from its inception
    • A content analyst – Proof reads the content and hosts it online if required
    • A creative writer – Makes brochures, writes company newsletters, case studies and whitepapers
    • A Technical writer –Develops technical manuals on software and other products both for the developer and the end user

    Course Timings
    Get trained at a time that suits you:

    • 10.00 AM – 12.00 PM
    • 2.00 PM – 4.00 PM
    • 4.00 PM – 6.00 PM
    • 7.30 PM– 9.30 PM
      Same timings are applicable for online, classroom and weekends batches

    Why ID from TechTotal


    • Flexibility & Convenience
    • Become an IDT online without leaving your job or family.
    • Avail the flexibility of online learning with personal contact of “live” Instruction.
    • The online semester-based classes can be accesses and completed from anywhere across the world.

    Exceptional Curriculum

    • Enroll for a curriculum that is competitive and the best in the country
    • The courses in Instructional design will help you to identify and address a full range of human performance problems related to transfer of knowledge.

    Learn the difference between the use of technology and its integration

    • Blend teaching and learning with the latest technology to address various concerns.
    • Learn from Hyderabad’s best institute which is endowed with globally accepted recognized standards.

    Real World Projects

    • Spend time applying Instructional design theories to real time projects rather than being tested on them.
    • Work closely with the trainers who practicing IDs. The projects you create will have a touch of professionalism and not appear under rated.
    • Have publication, presentation, design and development credits on your.
    • CV before you leave TechTotal.

    Technology & Resources

    • Get Hands on experience by working on Storyboards, Dream weaver, Flash, Photoshop, Captivate, Camtasia and MS office. All an absolute necessity for an ID professional.
    • Access our knowledge Portal for your own Web space which can be used for courses and for developing your work portfolio.

    Personalized Experiences

    • Get personalized and a comfortable class experience with a max of four students in a class.
    • Connect with the TechTotal community of trainers through email and also by accessing the learning/Knowledge portal.

    Experience Trainers

    Our trainers have a wide range of experience and are practicing Instructional designers. They impart the most resent and the most widely used theories models and technology (in terms of acceptance in the current ID Industry) to the students. This will benefit the learners by equipping them to develop and deliver scientifically enhanced curriculum in a sector or field of their choice.

    Different Job Designations

    • Technology Teacher
    • Technology Specialist
    • Assistive Technology Coordinator
    • Instructor/Professor
    • Instructional Technologist
    • Multimedia Specialist
    • Teaching and Learning Center Director

    • Process Documentation
    • Technology Support Coordinator
    • Coordinator of Distance Learning
    • Instructional Technology Center Director
    • Web Designer
    • Technology Coordinator
    • Training Materials
    • Director of Technology
    • Curriculum Specialist
    • Instructional Designer
    • Instructional Analyst
    • Distance Learning Specialist
    • Director of Instructional Technology
    • Director of Faculty Development

    Corporate and Other Organizations

    • Instructional Designer
    • Instructional Design Specialist
    • Instructional Project Manager
    • Performance Analyst

    • Performance Specialist
    • Training Manager

    • Training Consultant
    • Software Applications Trainer

    • Curriculum Designer

    • Web Developer

    • Evaluation Specialist

    • Coordinator of Assessment

    • Instructional Design Consultant
    • Instructional Developer
    • Performance Technologist
    • Manager of Performance Improvement
    • Training Coordinator
    • Training Specialist
    • Technology Trainer
    • Implementation Specialist
    • Interaction Designer
    • Director of Faculty Development
    • Usability Analyst
    • Technical Editor