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“It was a wonderful experience with TechTotal during product documentation, as they took control of the documents throughout and delivered us on time, which were to the expectations. “


Project Manager, Agility E-Services

“TechTotal helps us identify critical business information through their expertise and provides solutions for effectively managing that valuable asset.”


Associate Consultant, Ness

“After a lengthy search for conversion partners, we joined forces with TechTotal…The results have been astounding. Very quickly, our production process turned from weak-link/bottleneck to become one of the project strengths and selling point.”

Raheel Khan

BD Head, bsg

“TechTotal is always a step-ahead to our expectations with the quality of their smart resources and their professionalism. I have not only found them professional, but one thing which values me is about their true human relationships with foreign teammates, which always assures me their reliable work quality. “

Paul Beaulne

President, MED e-care

“They always take an “extra mile” whenever needed at the niche of time. Our Documentation are delivered as expected for which i truly appreciate their Technical Leads who ensure quality without refrain. we look forward to additional opportunities to work together. “

Project Manager


“We are pleased to have completed a successful contract with TechTotal team. TechTotal provided us with a talented and dedicated team of Technical writers. Their enthusiastic hard work is greatly appreciated. “

Amrapali Acharya

Documentation Manager, MegaSoft

“They did an excellent job in assisting us with our documentation essentials. Though our need was rather demanding they were able to accomplish it within a short span without compromising on quality. “


Manager, SQL STAR

“TechTotal supports our efforts by providing a broad range of strategic content services, allowing us to focus more effectively on our clients and our core competitive advantages.”


Technical Head, Wipro

“One of the hardest things to find is an outside consulting resource that delivers what they say. So, now that we’ve found TechTotal, you can guarantee that we’ll use them again.”

Ramesh Kumar

Manager- Technical, Analogic

“We have always chosen TechTotal to manage any shortcomings encountered throughout the project. They are always on the time, stretch long hours when needed and no compromise on quality. We never felt a need to look for anything else for the services they offered.”

Jairaj Harnoor

HR Manager, GSS America

“I truly thank the team for their professionalism, efforts beyond most others and retaining a great and excited attitude and work ethic. Their enthusiastic hard work is greatly appreciated.”


Project Manager, GE

“TechTotal provided me what exactly I was looking for. Their resource delivered more than originally expected;stayed within the budget and schedule. I always look forward for them to get my work outsourced everytime.”

Project Manager, KTWO